Do What Makes Your Heart Smile

Photo: Or Makes it sing!

When’s the last time you felt your heart lift in excitement, happiness or sheer pleasure? In the last few days? Maybe in the last month or so? Or is it longer since you’ve experienced the joy of being truly alive and content in such a way as to feel and notice it in your body?

How often do you think it should happen? That you should / could / ought to feel truly, deeply happy? That you’re glad to be alive and grateful for the experience as it’s happening? Once a day? Once a week? On a monthly basis? Every now and then if you’re lucky? Is there a chance that you’re selling yourself short?

Have you ever considered that it just might be possible to experience deep contentment on an on-going basis, regardless of the curveballs that Life throws at you…and believe me, she can throw some curveballs!

Life happens to us all; it just looks different on each of us. Financial pressures, work stress, family ill health, difficulties in our relationships and our own emotional overload all have their impact. Some months can seem impossible to get through and these times can stretch into seasons of overwhelm. Yet despite life and in some ways, because of it, we need desperately as human beings to find purpose and passion in our days.


Photo: Happy Heart in France

In times of struggle, it’s our purpose that makes it worthwhile, that gives us a sense of meaning and value. Without it, life can feel hopeless and pointless. So what gives your life purpose and meaning? What makes your heart sing? How often do you think you should feel truly content? Are you short changing yourself?

Do you think it’s unrealistic to feel deep joy on a daily basis? If so, you won’t. If you do, chances are, you will. Imagine the possibilities…


Photo: Happy Heart in Wicklow

To find out more about living a life that makes your heart sing, join me for my one day workshop on Saturday 26th November. Further information about the event will be available soon. Places will be limited and will go on a first come, first served basis so let me know if you’re interested and I can send you details directly.

In the meantime, remember:

“How we spend our days, is after all, how we spend our lives”


Photo: Happy Hammock in France