About Ashleigh


Combining over thirty years’ experience in the Irish health sector using tools that deliver real life results, I work with clients to get their health, habits, and hormones back on track.

I work with men and women of all ages but have a special interest in female hormonal health, especially perimenopause, menopause, and hormonal imbalances such as PMS.

My clients are successful in business and in life – they get things done and make things happen but sometimes at the expense of their own time, health, and pleasures in life. They often arrive with health issues related to perimenopause or menopause (such as low energy, midline weight gain, mood swings and disturbed sleep etc) or symptoms of anxiety, stress, or other hormonal imbalance issues.

Drawing from the fields of conventional and complementary medicine, coaching, mentoring, nursing, pharmaceuticals, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, I deliver real-life, tailor-made solutions to these clients. Check out my Testimonials page to hear what clients say.

Because of my experience in senior management in the Irish pharmaceutical industry, I understand the demands of the corporate world and the expectation to deliver every day, regardless of what Life is throwing at you outside of work. This can include struggles with a teenage son or daughter, menopausal symptoms, an aging parent who needs more help lately or the growing distance between you and a partner – any or all of these regular ‘extras’ can mean it’s harder to keep the show on the road.

My programmes are real life and practical but are also filled with Kindness and Kickass. Let’s face it – most of us know what we should be doing but sometimes need some tough love and accountability to make it happen.

I work with clients in person or online, as well as offering corporate and online programmes. I deliver Menopause Awareness sessions for organisations and Perimenopause and Menopause courses to Women’s Sheds around the country.

I live in Wicklow with my husband Eric and enjoy walking, reading, yoga, storytelling, Toastmasters and being in nature. Since my daughter started college in UCC, I’ve joined my husband on the back of his motorbike now that I’ve gotten my head around fitting everything into a motorbike pannier!

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