Making stuff (up)

I attended a workshop a few months ago where we spent quite a lot of time making stuff and being creative. We also heard about how we sometimes (often) make stuff UP about ourselves and about life in general too. For example: "I'm not creative," " I'm very unlucky,"...

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Labels and Leaving Certs

I found my Leaving Cert results the other day and they took my breath away!   I'd remembered they were pretty poor and even to this day, when they don't matter anymore, there's still a slight shame in remembering how I was told to say "I was very happy with how I...

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One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

I'm sitting here waiting for the next client to arrive as I write this. The view from my window is amazing - I am blessed. I love being able to look out into the garden to see and hear nature; especially the birds that visit my bird tables (and from my window, I can't...

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I have embraced

I'm writing this having just returned from the cinema where I watched an On Demand film called 'Embrace'. It's an amazing documentary that explores the issue of body image for women living in a world obsessed with size and shape. It was wonderful - I encourage you to...

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The Sap is Rising

Can you see it? The longer shaft of light in the evening... Can you feel it? The sunshine that means an opened coat or a hat stuffed back in your pocket.. Can you hear it? The new birdsong that was silent last week... Can you taste it? The changing flavours of the...

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The First Time

Do you remember your first time? Don't be cheeky! I don't mean THAT first time only - I mean all the other ones too. By the time you reach half a century (as I have a number of years ago), there have been plenty of first times - memorable, regrettable, exciting,...

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Noticing what works…

Life should be pretty simple really. I recently spotted a quote by Jack Canfield: "There are three ways to improve your life: Do more of what's working; Stop doing what isn't working and Try new things to see what does work." Sounds simple, right? And it is, except...

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Au Revoir 2016

Time is a funny old thing. There are exactly the same number of hours in each day and yet some days pass in the blink of an eye while others seem like they'll never end. How we spend those twenty four hours is ultimately down to us.   Yes, of course, we have...

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A Life That Makes Your Heart Sing

Photo: Or Makes it sing! When's the last time you felt your heart lift in excitement, happiness or sheer pleasure? In the last few days? Maybe in the last month or so? Or is it longer since you've experienced the joy of being truly alive and content in such a way as...

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Big Fat Lies

Photo: Obvious Big Fat Lie! We all have conversations with ourselves in our head and depending on how we're wired, some of us do it more than others. I talk to myself a lot! When I'm working alone and need to concentrate, I can't even listen to music with lyrics...

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