Nothing changes until our behaviours do

I’m decorating my living room this month. It’s been on our To Do list for almost fifteen years and we’ve had plans for it several times in the past. But somehow a car breakdown, general house maintenance, a new septic tank, a holiday, or something else always got...

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Have less pressure, panic and stress in perimenopause

September and October have been full on, haven’t they? Every client I meet is telling me how busy they’ve been and how life seems to have speeded up since the kids went back to school. One client, Mary (not her real name), told me she wished she could return to parts...

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Lockdown Lessons

"The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result" Albert Einstein It's funny how something can make such sense, yet have little impact. Most of us smile when we hear that quote because we know it's true...but...

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Pause to ask – How many days are left?

So how many hours and days are left? In this week, this month, this year, this Life? We can pick a number but we really don't know.... And that's sort of scary so we pretend and don't go there - pretending that we have all the time in the world, forever and ever...

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Words of wisdom from the naive

A little bird told me and so I thought I'd pass it on: If you're anxious - that thing you're fretting about, is probably not that serious... Yet, ordinary, little things can be beautiful and important so pay attention to them.   Good decisions are rarely made in...

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Noticing the signs

The signs are everywhere really and despite that we don't see them. Or maybe we ignore them because we don't like what they say. We don't want to hear that we should stop or even pause because at times, it seems impossible to do so. We don't want to see the costs even...

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The things we mean to say (but often don’t)

  I love you. You're important in my life. I'm proud of you. Thank you. I miss you. I'm sorry. Can I help in some way? I appreciate what you did. I attended a funeral a few months ago and as I didn't know the deceased very well, I was able to be there in very...

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Questions to be asked

I'm fascinated with how people behave, learn, accomplish, fail, succeed - basically how we, as humans, are in the world. Even as a child, I loved noticing things: about people, the world and nature. It didn't always make sense to me and there wasn't really anyone I...

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Psst- did you notice (your) Life yesterday?

It's easy isn't it? To get busy. To rush around. To get things done. To go on autopilot. I know - it happens to me sometimes (a lot!). So therefore, I can ask: of the twenty four hours available to you yesterday, how many were you Actually Present for? So sleep...

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Self Care for Slow Learners – Never Give Up

I'm a slow learner. It takes a while for me to 'get' that I can't circumvent the laws of nature! Knowing this in theory doesn't stop me pushing very hard to try! But I don't think I'm alone in this. I understand (on a theoretical level at least), that my body is not...

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