Do you notice it?

For those at home full time; it’s the earlier start, the quieter kitchen mid morning, the eerie silence of a radio station that you can actually hear….

For those working outside the home , it’s the relief of knowing that you only have to juggle a school run and some after school care; a welcome relief after the mayhem of figuring how to manage childcare over the summer holidays.

It ‘s back to school time and for some parents, it couldn’t have come at a better time, as they reach their frazzle limits and welcome the peace and quiet of some solitude . For others, they hate  it…a return to the drudgery of an enforced timetable and the urgency of needing to be in two places at once as they juggle school drop offs for children of varying ages.

And even if you don’t have children , this time of year is going to affect you too. The M50 gets busier, the commute to work takes longer and parents seem to have the habit of parking everywhere and anywhere once it ‘s near the school gates!

One things for sure , a new season is upon us. So let me ask … How did you spend your summer? Do you remember it all ? Any lovely memories? Any special moments.? Or did it all go by in a blur of thinking and activity . This summer will never be here again and hopefully you didn’t miss it .

Make sure you don’t miss Autumn . It ‘s here , now, today , at the moment. Have you noticed ? Lift your head from the screen now and take a look. Breathe it in , maybe even go out side . Life is wonderful when we turn up.

I got a postcard recently ( rare these days in the midst of social media ). It said “Wish you were here “.  Sometimes, we need to remember to wish we were HERE, in the present moment.

Today, my wish for each and every one of us is that we can say: “This moment, right now, I’m here. “