Get Your MOJO* Back Membership

“I’m tired playing ‘catch-up’ because it never feels like I do. I’ve become this weary, grumpy woman who’s just dragging myself around and I don’t know what I can do to feel like myself again.”

Sound familiar?

Are you fed up feeling tired and irritable and of being all things to too many? Do you know that you’ve been at MAX bandwidth for way too long and that you’re starting to sound like your mother (even though you promised yourself you never would)? Let me guess – you’re a woman who gets things done but usually for everyone else. You used to have fun taking on the world but these days, you spend your time playing ‘catch-up’, only to turn around and find even more things to do. And you’re bored hearing yourself grumbling and growling at home and wish you could find your MOJO* again.

What do I mean?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like yourself again? YOU, but on a good day! Like you used to be.

  • The woman who’s caring and kind, but also boundaried and able to say ‘NO’.
  • The woman who loves her family but sounds less like a ‘martyr-mammy’ at home.
  • The woman who delivers at work and won’t let anxiety or self-doubt keep her down.
  • The woman who remembers what it feels like to be feisty, motivated, and have fun.
  • The woman who makes time (and has the energy) to look after her body and her mind.

Remember her? She may have been missing lately but I promise she’s only hidden, not gone forever.

Ready to begin again?

If any of this sounds familiar, my 2024 group membership will be right for you. It’s a gathering of kind-hearted women, just like you in a space filled with Kindness and Kick-Ass to help you find your MOJO* again. We meet once monthly online to reset and renew. You’ll learn ways to interrupt the self-sabotage and to keep yourself on track. It’s a space to remember the stuff that matters in a world filled with busyness and noise. I’ll share real-life, practical tips, tools, and life-hacks for feeling like yourself, while keeping what matters at the heart of it all.

Session topics will include:

Motivation – turning up on the ‘meh’ days ~ Boundaries for softies ~ Increase your energy levels ~ Improve sleep ~ The value of family schedules ~ Move your body

And much more!

Still not sure?

I get it – you’ve a LOT on your plate already and aren’t sure if this is for you. So let me ask if you’ve been waiting for something to change for a while now? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for someone else to step in…  to tell you to sit down and have that cuppa, OR to remind you that you can say No to that committee, OR that it’s okay to have an early night OR to prioritise yourself and go for that walk. No one’s coming to rescue us – it’s always up to us ourselves. And nothing changes until our behaviours do. So, I’ll leave it up to you. At €10 per month, it’s a no-brainer!

Hope to see you soon, Ashleigh Xxx

PS: Wonder what my version of MOJO* looks like?

M – Motivation

O – Optimism

J – Joyfulness

O – Original YOU (fun, feisty, motivated, light, creative etc)