Get Your MOJO Back on Track

Are you in your 40’s or 50’s?

Does your life have too much overwhelm and not enough joy?

Perhaps you’ve become successful in your job but there’s little room for much else?

Or maybe parenting has taken its toll and you’ve become too worn out to think about self care?

Or it could be that perimenopause means you feel like you’ve been run over by a bus everyday?

And you wonder how your life has become the roles you are to everyone else – and you know there must be more.


If you’re too young to feel this old, it’s time to get your MOJO back on track! Not that mojo – your Motivation, so you are back on your own radar again; your Optimism about what’s possible for you now and in your future; your Joy for living life to the fullest; and your Original YOU, the woman who had hope, enthusiasm, energy and more. She hasn’t gone away – she’s just buried under laundry and zoom meeting invites!

Just imagine…

Imagine feeling optimistic about achieving your own personal self-care goals again, and having both the energy and the motivation to make them happen. Whether it’s about getting your own health back on track, improving fitness levels, eliminating overwhelm, prioritising relationships or learning to say NO without feeling guilty; this programme is for YOU.

Using mentoring and coaching techniques, as well as head-hacks and self-sabotage interrupts, your twelve week programme is tailor made to deliver results fast. But, let’s face it, you don’t need me to persuade you – because you’ll quickly know if my work is a good fit for you – once you take the chance on you and make the call to find out more. You already know that your decision making and follow through are second to none. So make the decision for YOU today – get in touch to schedule a call.

Start Now

Is this you? Your life is busy, which is why you’ve been ignoring things but you know you need to take action now. It’s time to make what’s important to you in theory, translate into important every day – the health that can’t be bought, the relationships that matter and a life that’s aligned with your true values.


Action always beats intention.
Get in touch today to begin.