When I was 18, I thought everyone over 23 was old. It turns out that ‘old’ is always an age a few years out in front of me!

These days, I like getting older (I’m 56 at the moment). Sure, it comes with challenges (do you know how long it takes to lose a few lbs after holidays once you’re over 40?), but getting older is seriously better than the alternative!

Many women dread turning 40 (or 50) because it signals an ageing body and the hormonal changes that can bring. And many simply won’t go there…because not talking about it stops it happening…. Really, how’s that working out for you?


“My friends and I don’t talk about perimenopause or menopause at all…”

A client in her mid 40’s told me recently that getting older just doesn’t get discussed in her friend group, even though she knows many of her friends are really struggling with symptoms of perimenopause.  She reckons it’s partly embarrassment and partly a secret hope that if it doesn’t get discussed,  it can be ignored.

Yet, at least 50% of my clients are women in their 40’s,  who are getting help for low energy,  disturbed sleep, fluctuating moods and non existing libido! Those symptoms are hard to ignore and even harder to live with every day. Yet, those clients quickly see improvements across all these symptoms on my programmes.


Let’s Have the conversations ladies…

When women support each other, incredible things happen. Take a look at my private Facebook group The Happy Hormones Club to see this in action here.

In the group, the women support and encourage each other and have conversations around women’s stuff, so that no woman thinks she’s the only one who’s struggling.

Every single woman, regardless of her age, is influenced by her hormones.  It makes life easier when we acknowledge and accept it. It doesn’t mean we have to like it… and it’s still better than the alternative!

Is any of this sounding familiar? Maybe you’re a woman in your 40’s who’d like some help with her hormones? So that you have better energy, deeper sleep and masses of motivation? Find out more about my Power through Perimenopause programme.

Because you really are too young to feel that old!

Ashleigh Xxx