September Sky


Summer is over for another year but if we’re lucky, the weather will surprise us in September with a few days that contain warmth and sunshine and some evenings with sunsets to die for. I love the evening sky at this time – there’s a certain light in the hour or so before sunset that is captivating once you’ve noticed it. Don’t take my word for it; check it out this week.

So how did you spend your summer? Was it filled with wonderful moments of peace, calm and awareness? Or maybe it was excitement and drama of the delicious kind? Do you have a favourite day, afternoon or even a favourite hour during your entire summer? What was that favourite summer moment? Perhaps there were several? Remember it now and I bet you’ve started to smile! Be grateful for the gifts these moments bring (then and long after in our memories)and maybe decide to get those photo printed rather than leaving them in the folder on the laptop.



A Hammock House (sigh!)


Or maybe you don’t remember much of your summer…did it pass by in a blur of frenzied activity such as figuring summer childcare while you worked; or maybe your ‘To Do’ list gets longer at this time of year and so your days were spent getting things done. For others, an endless stream of visitors means they’re kept busy cooking and cleaning and changing beds and by September, they’ve hardly sat on the patio furniture they bought to relax on.

Or perhaps you’ve spent your summer in your head? You know what I mean, don’t you? From the moment your feet touch the floor in the morning, you’re having a conversation with yourself about the day, about what’s worrying you, about what people think of you, about what that friend meant by that comment she made; thinking about what you should have said if you’d been quick enough and what you will say the next time (except you won’t) and on and on and this continues all day until you climb into bed at night and you’ve missed an entire day because you were living in your skull. I kid you not; some people spend entire lifetimes here.


System Overload!


Whatever is true for you, Summer is over and it’s too late to change it now. So before you go back into your head to give out to yourself; STOP. It’s over. Move on ….outside your head and into this delicious, exciting, precious space called LIFE.

How will you spend your September days? What would you love to do this month? What would you love to stop doing this month?

Take some time to go for that walk, to read that book, to meet that friend, to sit on that patio, to notice that September evening sky. Start today. It’s all we’ve got…

“How we spend our days, is after all, how we spend our lives” Annie Dillard