Elizabeth (not her real name) started to cry almost as soon as she sat down in the clinic chair. She’d scheduled our appointment because she was tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed all the time and she just couldn’t keep going anymore.

“My family just don’t see how much I do for them”

“I nag and moan but still end up picking up after them all the time”

“I don’t get to sit down until after 9pm because there’s just so much to do when I finish work, so I don’t have time or energy for anything by then”


I hear you…

Almost every day, I hear how women are bearing the brunt of household chores, despite living with teenage children or young adults and working full time. This is the programme that helped Elizabeth in so many ways.

Elizabeth’s children were lovely – but preferred to have her do the boring stuff for them! Who’d blame them? No one really loves laundry or hoovering or emptying the dishwasher, especially if there’s someone else who’ll do it if you wait long enough.

Spoiler Alert – there’s some tough love coming up!

If you keep doing it, they’ll keep leaving it to you.

If you keep making excuses, you’ll keep making work for yourself.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.


I can help you…

Any of this sound familiar? Many of my clients have been exactly where you are now – caught in that loop of caretaking – overwhelm – resentful – sad – and feeling guilty if they take time for themselves. And it’s possible (and easier than you think) to break out of this yucky, moany-mammy loop!

Each of my programmes tackle this issue, as well as improving energy, sleep, and contentment levels. Life is too short and sweet to spend it in nagging mode.

Get in touch to find out how easy it can be to take your power and take time for you this coming year.

Ashleigh Xxx