September and October have been full on, haven’t they? Every client I meet is telling me how busy they’ve been and how life seems to have speeded up since the kids went back to school. One client, Mary (not her real name), told me she wished she could return to parts of lockdown when she didn’t feel permanently rushed and under pressure.

Mary is like so many of us in our 40’s and 50’s – juggling full or part time work, ageing parents, kids, teenagers, their after-school activities, grinds and so much more. And it’s not like there’s anything wrong but it doesn’t feel quite right either!

Mary hates feeling rushed and sometimes feels like she hasn’t really been present during the day because she’s been in her head, trying to figure out the next thing she must do! She doesn’t remember the last time she really listened to her kids at the kitchen table and that bothers her because family is everything.


Sound familiar?

Has this ever happened to you? Life gets busy and it feels like you’re on a superfast treadmill, rushing from one thing to another, trying to get everything done, only to start over again the following day? It’s not lovely.

Mary described it as a feeling of tightness in her chest, a sense of urgency as though the world was moving faster than she could keep up! It left her exhausted, irritable, and emotional but when she lay down to sleep, her mind started going through the lists for tomorrow. Sound familiar?

My approach is always big picture and practical – Mary was already busy and under time pressure, so the treatment plan needed to be simple and effective and address all aspects of her health, habits, and daily life.

Mary was using my Power through Perimenopause programme which I knew would be the perfect fit for her.

To begin, I recommended a supplement called Balance for Nerves by Higher Nature, a great tonic for the brain and nervous system to help calm body and mind. This would help address the symptoms of tension and overwhelm Mary was describing.

We spoke about the need to find ways of replenishing herself physically, mentally, and spiritually and came up with some ways she could begin walking again (an exercise she loved) and how impactful better sleep hygiene could be at restoring quality sleep. Mary had been staying up late most evenings despite feeling tired.

“I really need that hour to myself after the kids have gone to bed even if I know I’ll be wrecked tomorrow.”

So many women tell me about ‘that hour’ to themselves at night but see that it can be counterproductive if they’re already feeling exhausted. Mary agreed to change her bedtime routine and planned one or two early nights each week, knowing she could adjust this as energy levels improved.

Mary had tried several meditation apps with little success so instead, she agreed to use one of my five-minute Power Pause recordings at least once daily (one of the tools provided as part of my programmes). In addition, I provided Mary with homeopathic remedies to help eliminate hormonal symptoms, rebalance her body and to allow her to feel like her old self again.


I can breathe deeply again…

At her check in phone call two weeks later, Mary told me: “Already, I feel like the coiled-up spring of tension is unwinding and I can breathe deeply again. I’m less irritable with my partner and can get off to sleep more easily. And my night sweats are much better – I can’t believe how quickly things are improving”.

I have no doubt that Mary’s symptoms will continue to improve as she continues through the Power through Perimenopause programme which is designed to help women in perimenopause not just eliminate hormonal symptoms but thrive at this significant time. By getting regular Big-Hugs and Bum-Kicks reminders each week, clients have me as their Kindness and Kick-Ass accountability partner, helping them get, and stay back on track.  If Mary’s story sounds familiar, reach out to arrange a free call to see if the work I do is a fit for you.

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Ashleigh Xxx