Menopause Matters

Get rid of hot flushes, night sweats, and brain fog to get your confidence (and your life) back. 

Is this You?

You’re a woman in your 50’s who may have been told that you’re in menopause? Perhaps you’re already on HRT but aren’t feeling like your old self yet?

Or maybe you thought you’d be able to manage this ‘naturally’ but are struggling with symptoms and beginning to lose hope?

Or perhaps, your own / your family medical history means you’re unsuitable for HRT? Or you’re on a waiting list to see a specialist but the appointment is still months away?

And you need help with symptoms now!

Symptoms such as:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Midline weight gain
  • Brain fog
  • Poor memory recall
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of confidence
  • Exhaustion on a regular or ongoing basis
  • Anxiety that has come out of nowhere and is impacting you badly


I understand the frustration you must be feeling. You’ve taken action but still feel cr*p! 

This is not how it’s supposed to be — you dragging yourself around, wondering what the hell happened to your memory, brain power and confidence.

Maybe you have the coil in place so have no idea what’s happening with your periods. Or perhaps you’ve been told that unless you take HRT, there’s nothing that can be done for you? Or worse still, you’ve been offered antidepressants when you know you’re not depressed, just feeling awful.

I work with women like you all the time

So that you can begin to feel like yourself again. Imagine how much easier life will be when your sleep is deep and refreshing and you wake alert and ready to take on the day.

Your confidence returns as your memory sharpens and brain fog disappears with better sleep, improved hydration and non hormonal remedies to support you. It’s easier to speak up at meetings when the worry of a hot flush is gone and you feel back in charge again of your emotions and your moods.

At home, it’s easier to have fun again with the people that matter most. Because you’re happier in yourself, now that you’re back in the driving seat of life again. Having discussed your medical history, your most recent blood results, and your current symptoms, you’ll feel more confident to speak with your GP about what blood tests might be useful and whether a DEXA scan is prudent. And most of all, you’ll feel like You again, able to take on the world and have fun doing it.

Menopause Matters is a 3 month, personalised one-to-one programme to help you get your hormones, health, and habits back on track.

Why work with me?

I’m Ashleigh, a hormone health and life coach for women like you, who want to feel energetic, confident and calm in their 50s. You’re tired of hormones that have hijacked your energy, confidence and sleep and it’s time to fight back. I can help you have more energy, drive, and hormonal balance so you can feel like your fabulous, fun-loving self again.

With this programme, you will:

  • Feel more energetic and relaxed every day
  • Restore deeply refreshing sleep
  • Improve focus, concentration, memory and motivation
  • Develop better self care habits around diet and exercise
  • Have time for fun again, with family and friends


The tools and support you get:

Menopause Matters is a 3 month personalised, one-to-one programme, which includes:

  • THREE one-hour sessions in person or on Zoom
    • Every 4 weeks, scheduled in advance
    • Each session will focus on your specific challenges to help you find solutions fast
    • Jam-packed with tips, tools and suggestions tailored for your needs
    • We review your medical history, your most recent blood results, and your current symptoms and discuss if you should investigate them further with your GP.
  • ONE resource email per week (you’ve enough emails in your inbox) with:
    • Short video clips from me tailored for your circumstances
    • Tips to improve memory and focus
    • Suggestions on supplements where appropriate

–  My Big-Hugs and Bum-Kicks WhatsApp texts to nudge, remind, support and challenge you (three times weekly) in your everyday life.

  • Because we all forget the good stuff once life gets busy!
  • My WhatsApp texts help you remember your self care promises and plans.

– Three ten-minute Check in calls in between our scheduled consultations.


In Summary:

– Three one-hour sessions

– Tailored, homeopathic remedies

– Weekly resource emails, videos, and pdfs

– Regular WhatsApp Big-Hugs and Bum-Kicks

– Three ten minute ‘Check In calls’ during the programme


Wonder if this will work for you?

Even if you’re already on HRT, this programme can help you have more energy, better sleep and hormonal calm. A combination of tailored homoeopathic remedies, along with practical, real-life everyday solutions will bring results more quickly than you might think. I’ve been getting great results with women like you for many years now and you too can have those benefits too.

“I cannot believe how quickly I saw improvements in how I feel. Why did I delay so long in reaching out?”  J.P. Waterford

Investment: €525 (€175 per month including remedies)

Many health insurers will cover some of your costs, depending on the policy held.

How to make this happen

Interested in working with me? Because my work gets results, my diary is always heavily booked several weeks in advance. Get in touch today to schedule your preferred slot as soon as possible!

Enquire / Book:

I’ll be back in touch with you asap to get you started.

What Clients say:

“I’ve just finished the Menopause Matters programme recently and I’m thrilled with the results. I have more energy, better sleep and no hot flushes! I can’t believe I took so long to do this. Highly recommended​.”

A.M. Cork

FAQs (or the excuses we sometimes use)

Q. “I’m already on HRT – will I benefit from this programme?”

A. Completely! Many of my clients start to work with me because although they’ve gotten some improvements on HRT, they want more. The combination of non-hormonal remedies I prescribe, along with behaviour changes and head hacks you learn will help you further.  

Q. “My confidence is in my boots and I’m even considering leaving my job – will this programme help me?”

A. I’ve worked with dozens of women who’ve seen improvements in anxiety levels, hot flushes and confidence on this programme. Your decision to stay or leave your job should be down to you, not your hormones! 

Q. “I have the coil in place – will this programme help?”

A. Many of my clients have a coil in place and see improvements in all their symptoms on the programme

Q. “I take anti-depressants – can I take the remedies too?”

A. Homoeopathic remedies are tailored for your specific circumstances and can be used alongside any conventional prescribed medications.

Start Now

Is this you? Your life is busy, which is why you’ve been ignoring things but you know you need to take action now. It’s time to make what’s important to you in theory, translate into important every day – the health that can’t be bought, the relationships that matter and a life that’s aligned with your true values.


Action always beats intention.
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