Mindset & Motivation Sessions

with Ashleigh Tobin

Daily Calm Sessions:

Ashleigh will deliver a ten-minute calm and clear grounding session after the 7.30am Pilates session each day.

Workshop 1 – What Do You Want?

During this session, Ashleigh will help you clarify what you want and need from this Pilates and Wellness event so that you can put in place the behaviours that help you get the most from the retreat. You will carry out a personal, confidential audit on your physical and emotional wellbeing so you can track improvements in the weeks and months ahead. With over thirty-five years’ experience in the Irish health sector, Ashleigh will help you identify behaviours and goals that help you thrive, regardless of your age and stage.

Some questions to get you thinking before you arrive:

  • Why are you attending the retreat?
  • What changes in body / mind are you hoping to make?
  • What do you need, more than anything else, from the time away?
  • How might you self-sabotage on the retreat?
  • How is the quality of your sleep, energy levels, and physical health in general?

Workshop 2 – Motivation Maintenance

During this second session, Ashleigh will help you identify the behaviours needed to maintain your progress and your motivation in your everyday life. This may include the addition of supplementation to help improve energy levels or sleep if appropriate. You will set goals that work for YOU, depending on your personal circumstances. And you will leave the retreat with a plan that is realistic, achievable, and easily integrated into a busy life back home.

About Ashleigh Tobin

Ashleigh Tobin is an award-winning hormone health and mind coach for clients who want to get their energy, sleep, and drive back, so that they can feel like themselves again. She helps them refuel body and mind so they can do what matters to them, at home, at work and in their personal lives.

Drawing on over thirty-five years of experience in the Irish health sector, across nursing, conventional and complementary medicine, coaching, mentoring, and more, Ashleigh brings practical, real-life solutions to her clients.

Ashleigh is passionate about encouraging her clients / women to be more than just problem-solvers for everyone else but to live a life that includes them, — their health, wishes and dreams, before it’s too late.

Through her work in hormone health and one-to-one coaching with clients, she reminds us all that our physical and emotional health are easy to sustain but harder to replace. As an award-winning speaker, Ashleigh delivers a pragmatic, frank and fun message about thriving at every age and stage at her workshops, and corporate events. A lack of information is rarely the reason we’re not looking after ourselves well – we often need a nudge (or a bum-kick) to make it happen in our every day.

Ashleigh is a registered nurse, a licenced homoeopath, a Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist, a Master NLP practitioner and holds additional qualifications in Mind Coaching, CBT, Heartmath, and more.

Ashleigh lives in Wicklow with her husband Eric. And when she isn’t encouraging us to live a life that makes our hearts sing, she’s walking, reading, doing Pilates or gardening. You may also find her riding pillion on the back of Eric’s motorbike, ever since she’s figured out how to pack everything (except the kitchen sink) into the very small motorbike pannier.

You can stay connected with Ashleigh on a variety of channels: https://linktr.ee/yourhormonehealth