Brenda (not her real name), sat opposite me last June, feeling fed up and upset at how she’d let things slip. She was heading into summer and none of her clothes fit her anymore. She felt fat, frumpy, and frustrated because she’d never been this heavy before and she just didn’t know if she had it in her to take it on.

At 45, Brenda was showing signs of perimenopause – disturbed sleep, low energy, midline weight gain, brain fog and she was “cranky as hell”. She had the coil in place so didn’t have information about her cycle to work with but given that hormonal changes begin eight to ten years before menopause, along with the symptoms she had, it was safe to say that perimenopause was underway.


A Tailor-Made Programme

We got Brenda started on my Power through Perimenopause programme, which included the use of natural, non-hormonal remedies to help support her body at this time. I suggested supplements to help ease the carbohydrate cravings and the night-time munchies, along with supports to help improve sleep and energy.

Find out more about the Power through Perimenopause programme here.

Most of us don’t realise how much poor sleep can impact our weight – if the quality or quantity of our sleep disimproves, it can lead to midline weight gain and can make it harder to shift those extra lbs.

At her first review appointment, Brenda’s weight hadn’t changed much but now, she was feeling better, much better! She had more energy, was sleeping through the night and waking refreshed, and had more motivation in general. “I don’t feel as wiped and it feels like the old me is coming back at last”. It was time to add more in terms of habits that help and routines that replenish.


Habits that Help

Along with further natural remedies to help maintain and accelerate the improvements, we decided on more self-care in the form of regular exercise and a healthier food plan – Brenda knew what worked for her. She’d simply felt too tired to make it happen before, but now she was ready to get stuck in. An important aspect of all of my programmes is the behavioural piece – because nothing changes until our behaviours do!

Life is busy and old habits die hard and self-sabotage can kick in without regular reminders and support. There is NO magic one way that fits all – your self-care strategy needs to match your way of life – otherwise, it’s not sustainable. The regular WhatsApp reminders (part of the programme) helped Brenda stay accountable and supported, even when life and slippage occurred. By making realistic plans that matched her lifestyle, she could make steady progress to the goals she had in mind.


Results Speak for Themselves

Month by month, the weight came off and Brenda got stronger, fitter and healthier. Pilates and walking are now part of her weekly routine, and she knows that if she has a blowout at the weekend, she simply needs to pull it back a little the following week.

But more importantly that that, Brenda was back in charge of her life and feeling like herself again. Mood and motivation improved and she knew what was jugular to keep her on track for feeling and looking good.

“I feel fantastic, not only in my body but also in my head. I’m proud of how I’ve turned things around and how much I’ve achieved in the last six months. I would highly recommend Ashleigh’s programmes. Thank you.”

If like Brenda, you’re ready to take action, reach out to arrange a free call to find out more.

Ashleigh Xxx