I’m decorating my living room this month. It’s been on our To Do list for almost fifteen years and we’ve had plans for it several times in the past. But somehow a car breakdown, general house maintenance, a new septic tank, a holiday, or something else always got there first. Until now. This summer, we made the decision and now, we’re following through.

It can be exciting, can’t it? To make plans, to imagine the outcome, to visualise the end goal. And it’s useful too! Because otherwise, it’s hard to know where you’re headed. It’s the same for room décor as it is for getting fit, losing weight, learning a new skill, or changing a career. Having an end goal helps for sure.

But nothing changes until there’s action on the ground, until plans become follow-through and stuff actually gets done. I go into this in more detail in my Ten Day Get Yourself Back on Track programme which might be of interest.



Because just after planning, is where the wobble can begin. We doubt that what we do, will get us what we want – we can’t be sure! So, we hesitate, or stumble, or make excuses, or procrastinate or get busy doing other things. It’s the same when picking a paint colour, as when you’re picking the days you’ll run, or the classes you’ll commit to…

And there’s that messy bit too, just after the start – when things don’t look great, or you’re struggling in class, or the run is really hard, or you didn’t get the job interview…

And the brave keep going and keep following through. And that’s when the run gets more enjoyable, or you notice your own improvement, or you smile when you leave the interview.

By mid-November, there aren’t many weeks left in the year, so people often set new goals with a natural year-end deadline just ahead. Would you love to reach your goals this year?

If so, go dream big dreams for sure and set out your plans to make it so… but, remember nothing changes until your behaviours do.

To help turn your plans into reality, get in touch to find out about my one-to-one sessions designed to make your important stuff happen in your everyday. Give me a call if you’re serious about follow through.

Ashleigh Xxx