Love this  – seen outside Cork Signs

The signs are everywhere really and despite that we don’t see them. Or maybe we ignore them because we don’t like what they say. We don’t want to hear that we should stop or even pause because at times, it seems impossible to do so. We don’t want to see the costs even though we feel them in our lives. We don’t want to notice the missed moments because we assume they will come again.

So we pretend  – that we really will look after ourselves once the kids go back to school; that the anxiety and overwhelm we feel is normal or is because we’re simply not getting Life right; that if we could only get our act together, we could stay on top of things. Everyone else is doing it so why can’t we?

We pretend that the sense of urgency will stop when we get to midterm, go on holidays, reach the sales target, move house or when everyone else stops expecting so much of us. We insist that we will get on top of things, get back on track, sort ourselves out some day… when maybe this is how it is at this time. Maybe we should notice Life even though we’re a mess, when we’re all over the place, in the middle of the drama and while we’re so off track, it would be funny if it wasn’t happening to us! Maybe, that’s when noticing is even more important, just maybe.

Because Life continues, whether we pay attention or not. It’s funny that way.


Hedgerow Harvest

The seasons change – have you seen the fallen leaves?

Our children grow up – where can all the years have gone?

Our parents pass – hopefully, memories make the pain a little easier.

Life goes on regardless. Are you paying attention? Have you seen the signs?

They’re everywhere. The light in a September sky, the number of yellows and reds in the fallen leaves, the changing hedgerows as autumn bounty appears. The connection we feel when we really look into someone’s eyes, the deep contentment when we carry out a random act of kindness, the sense of support when we are present for the hug from a friend.

These signs of Life are Ordinary and Amazing. And we often miss them as we hurry from place to place, doing the ‘important’ things. Life is precious – let’s make sure we notice it.


“Still above ground”

My father had a lovely turn of phrase when asked how he was doing:

“Sure I’m above ground, which is more than a lot of people can say.”

Today, notice the signs that you’re above ground. It’s beautiful here. Xx