Life is simple (and beautiful)

Life should be pretty simple really.

I recently spotted a quote by Jack Canfield:

“There are three ways to improve your life: Do more of what’s working; Stop doing what isn’t working and Try new things to see what does work.”

Sounds simple, right? And it is, except for the fact that we very often don’t take the time to notice what’s working well and what’s actually working against us. And some of us are slow to try things our, in case we make a mistake or it doesn’t work out the way we planned.

For example; do you feel great whenever you get out for a walk? Then it’s pretty simple – Go for more walks.


Go for more walks


Do you wake up feeling wrecked after spending hours on social media AFTER you go to bed? Dare I say it – Stop bringing your phone or tablet into your bedroom.

Have you something you wish you were brave enough to try out? A new hobby, a new skill, joining a club, learning a musical instrument? Give it a go this year. It mightn’t work out, that’s true but it certainly won’t if you never even try.


Try new things


Life is precious. We never know how long our stay here will be and as the story goes; none of us are getting out of here alive.

So try new things.

Stop doing the stuff that makes it tough to be here.

Start doing things that make your heart sing.

Sounds like a plan to me. Happy New Year. Xx