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Health Matters

Make your health matter by giving it the time and attention it deserves. Stop ignoring symptoms such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, hayfever, headache, PMS, IBS and much more.

Problems in Perimenopause

Midline weight gain, mood swings, poor motivation along with low energy and sleep disturbance can happen long before changes appear in your menstrual cycle. These hormonal changes can be the cause of many symptoms suffered by women between the ages of 40 and 50. Get in touch to see how you can eliminate these symptoms easily and get back your zest for life.

Menopause Matters

A three-month programme to help you get your menopausal symptoms
under control. Suitable for all women, regardless of whether you are taking HRT or not.

Back on Track

A comprehensive consultation to assess and plan your journey back to health.

Online: Get Your Mojo Back on Track

Location or time a problem for you? Get the support and accountability you need from the comfort of your own home by accessing one of my Get Your Mojo Back on Track programmes. Hosted several times throughout the year, this seven-week online programme features weekly Zoom calls, regular bum kick reminders, video clips, audio recordings and a huge amount of Kindness and Kickass support.

Kindness and Kickass Moments

A maintenance accountability group for anyone who has completed a programme with me and wants ongoing support to stay on track into the future.


I host several one-day workshops each year on a variety of personal development topics such as goal setting, values in the everyday, work life balance, self-care and health and wellbeing. I also host and provide workshops and webinars online throughout the year. Subscribe to my newsletter to be kept informed of upcoming events.

Find out more – avail of a free call to see if the work I do is the best solution for your needs: Ashleigh’s scheduler.

‘Ten Day Smart Start You’ Programme

Sign up for Ashleigh’s signature ‘Ten Day Smart Start You’ programme. You won’t regret it!

Start Now

Is this you? Your life is busy, which is why you’ve been ignoring things but you know you need to take action now. It’s time to make what’s important to you in theory, translate into important every day – the health that can’t be bought, the relationships that matter and a life that’s aligned with your true values.


Action always beats intention.
Get in touch today to begin.