I hear this phrase a lot from women in the clinic and it’s not a great way to start your day!

One client, Anne (not her real name), told me she feels exhausted every day and drags herself out of bed most mornings.

“I feel stuck to the bed and as though every part of me has aches and pains”

Several cups of coffee later, she begins to come alive but still feels stiff and sore all over. Anne’s symptoms are commonplace in women in their 40’s and 50’s, often due to hormonal changes and the impact on our joints.

This can often mean midlife women stop or reduce their exercise regime, making the whole cycle worse. On top of this, Anne’s sleep was being disturbed by night sweats, and it was ages since she’d had a full and restful night’s sleep.


Any of this sound familiar?

In the clinic, my approach is always big picture and practical – Anne’s sleep needed to improve because no one works well on broken sleep. She was already busy and feeling wretched, so her treatment plan needed to be simple and effective and address all aspects of her health, habits, and daily life.

Anne was in my Menopause Matters programme which I knew would be the perfect fit for her.

Anne’s treatment regime included homeopathic remedies to help with both sleep and night sweats. We discussed both diet and exercise changes to help ease the inflammation in her body. Later we added a supplement called Revive Joint Restore because of the family history of arthritis – it quickly relieved the pain and stiffness Anne was experiencing.


Your Habits help

Each of my programmes include a significant focus on daily habits because they either help us feel great or ensure we feel crap! Anne receives my WhatsApp reminders several times each week to prioritise her own self-care and wellbeing. These Big-Hugs and Bum-Kicks are an important part of learning how to stay well in the long term and a favourite aspect of the programmes for clients.

“Somehow, your text arrives at exactly the right time, reminding me to say NO or to get off the couch and out for a walk.”

I have no doubt that Anne’s symptoms will continue to improve as she continues through the Menopause Matters programme which is designed to help women in menopause not just eliminate hormonal symptoms but get their health, habits, and hormones back on track.

If Anne’s story sounds familiar, reach out to arrange a free call to see if the work I do is a fit for you.

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Ashleigh Xxx