Some mums love school summer holidays.

A break from the rushed morning routine and the endless lunchbox drama! They enjoy the bliss of unstructured days without homework squabbles and the possibility of days spent in PJs or on the beach (we live in Ireland so summer might be warm or wet!). Having the children around all the time says family, love and fun – these mums are often extroverted themselves and get energy from the company and time together that school holidays bring.

Other mums find it harder at this time, especially if there’s paid work involved too. Perhaps because they prefer more structure and routine. Or because each day can feel like a constant hustle to get their work done, while also entertaining the kids and keeping the fridge full – have you noticed how much food children eat over the summer? It may also be that these mums have more introverted tendencies – and the constant companionship and lack of solitude means there’s no time to refuel. And that can be tough and leave us feeling rough!


“I hit a wall by September”

But there’s also another reason that I see so many mums of all ages in September, who say things like:

  • “I’m just so exhausted after the summer”
  • “I was just so ready for them to go back to school”
  • “I’m irritable, tired and grumpy all the time”
  • “Every symptom is worse again – I don’t understand when I was doing so well”

Many mums delete themselves over the summer – sounds a bit dramatic but that’s my explanation for it! You see, they stop going for walks or having coffee with friends. They pause their gym membership or stop going for a swim. They usually read but not in June and July. The kids eat more rubbish over the summer, so they abandon their own healthy eating and have white bread rolls for lunch every day. They literally prioritise their kids in such a way that they no longer have time, space or energy for any of their own self-care. And no one wins. NO ONE.


A Summer that includes YOU

My daughter is all grown up now but I can still remember the stressful feeling of needing to get paid work done (and feeling guilty every hour I spent doing it) while also wanting to have a memory-filled summer with my little girl. I spent some summers in such a way that I hit a wall by September and I gradually learned that our summers could include me.

What could you do these next two months so that your summer includes You? What are your jugulars for feeling great? Do you need regular early nights? Or a walk every day? Or perhaps it’s your diet that causes headwreck if there’s too much slippage there? Do you need adult company to feel alive? Or is solitude the thing you crave?

What would it take for you to spend a summer that includes You?

Might be time to put some plans in action because nothing changes until we do.

Have a wonderful, memory-making filled summer,


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