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Looking for an award-winning speaker for your workplace​?

Topics include Menopause, Perimenopause, Midlife Mindset Makeover, Self-Care

I deliver an informative, practical and fun experience, not a stuffy slideshow.

My experience as both a nurse and a mind coach means I bring real-life solutions to your team.

If you are:

  • A member of your company’s Wellness Team and looking for relevant, on-trend topics like: Perimenopause, Menopause, Hormonal Health, Wellbeing and Self Care, Midlife Motivation, Mental health
  • A gym manager who wants to support female members with weight gain associated with hormonal changes
  • A community group with funding for health topic training
  • An HR manager looking for workplace training for senior leadership / management
  • A networking organisation that requires relevant speakers and topics
  • A local business leading the way in their community
  • A men’s group who wants to support the women they know

Potential Topics

Menopause in the workplace

Feel great during Perimenopause and Menopause 

Improve your sleep in your 40s and 50s

Midlife Motivation

Get Your MOJO* Back on Track

Recalibrate after Covid

Wellbeing at Work

Creating Calm Contentment in life and in your head

Get Your Health, Habits and Hormones Back on track



  • Online or in-person, depending on suitability and requirements
  • Interactive and engaging (I don’t do boring slide shows!)
  • Examples and case studies included 
  • Self-Check exercises included if appropriate

What organisers say:

“Ashleigh spoke to our gym members recently on the topics of women’s health, perimenopause, menopause and much more. The feedback from our members was very positive. We all got a lot out of it. We learnt so much about taking charge of our overall health and well-being and about the changes in our body at this time of life. Ashleigh is a fountain of knowledge in women’s health! Thank you, Ashleigh,” L.D. Wicklow


What attendees say:

“ I learned more from you in an hour than I’ve learned in months trawling through the internet. I’ve taken steps to have my bloods checked and feel more confident speaking with my doctor about my needs. Thank you so much.” S. L. Galway


How to book your workshop or event:

Step 1 – Get in touch – ashleigh@ashleightobin.com – to let me know your ideas / needs or to let me know what you know you want

Step 2 – You’ll hear back from me within a few days

Step 3 – We’ll put plans in place for a great event that will deliver what you need and more. Please be aware I’m always heavily booked in advance so get in touch asap.


If you need to share some information about me to colleagues or potential attendees, feel free to grab and copy my bio below.

Professional Bio

Ashleigh Tobin is a hormone health and life coach for women in their 40s and 50s who want to get their energy, sleep, and drive back on track. She helps them refuel their inner reserves so they can do what matters, at home, at work and in their personal lives.

Drawing on over thirty-five years of experience in the Irish health sector, across nursing, conventional and complementary medicine, coaching, mentoring, and more, Ashleigh brings practical, real-life solutions to her clients.

Ashleigh is passionate about encouraging her clients to be more than just problem-solvers for everyone else but to live a life that includes them, — their health, wishes and dreams, before it’s too late.

Through her work in hormone health and coaching with one-to-one clients, speaking, workshops, and training, she reminds us all that our physical and emotional health are easy to sustain but harder to replace.

Ashleigh is a registered nurse, a Satir Coaching and Mentoring specialist, a Master NLP practitioner and holds additional qualifications in Mind Coaching, CBT, Heartmath and others. She is also an award winning public speaker with Toastmasters.

Ashleigh lives in Wicklow with her husband Eric. And when she isn’t encouraging us to live a life that makes our hearts sing, she’s walking, reading, doing Pilates or gardening. You may also find her riding pillion on the back of Eric’s motorbike, ever since she’s figured out how to pack everything (except the kitchen sink) into the very small motorbike pannier.

You can stay connected with Ashleigh on a variety of channels: https://linktr.ee/yourhormonehealth

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