“I’ve just finished the Menopause Matters programme recently and I’m thrilled with the results. I have more energy, better sleep and no hot flushes! I can’t believe I took so long to do this. Highly recommended​.”

A.M. Cork

“The Power through Perimenopause was a game changer for me. I thought I was going mad because my bloods were normal but I felt so rotten. I’ve gotten more energy, am sleeping better, have started losing weight and know now, I have tools to deal with menopause. Thank you Ashleigh.”

S.R. Dublin

“I have worked with Ashleigh in a professional and personal capacity over the past 18 months. Ashleigh’s work is incredible; she created a bespoke program for SOLAS staff on mental health and well-being, which received fantastic feedback. I now personally use Ashleigh’s services to ensure I am at my best self for both work and life and I would highly recommend Ashleigh from both perspectives.”

M.W. Dublin

“I first met Ashleigh in a moment of crisis – she helped me through a period of severe anxiety when I returned to work outside the home after 16 years mothering full-time. Since then nearly every member of our family has been with Ashleigh and her support through exam years and other life stresses has been fantastic. Her wisdom and kindness are just as valuable as the treatments she prescribes. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and consider her support vital in helping to maintain our family’s health!”

S.S. Wicklow

“I genuinely mean that my work with Ashleigh has been life changing for me. If you want improvements in your family relationships and in your relationship with yourself, work with Ashleigh now.”

G.P United Kingdom

“Suffering from exhaustion, low mood and a lack of sleep for almost a year but getting nowhere with conventional medicine because my blood tests were all fine, I began a programme with Ashleigh. In a very short amount of time, I have come on in leaps and bounds. Her work is an absolute GODSEND! My energy levels are increasing, my sleep has improved, and I am shrugging away the hopelessness. It is even nicer to have friends and family comment on the improvements they see in me in just a short few months. If you are having health issues and feel like you’ve reached the end of the road, please reach out and contact Ashleigh – I cannot recommend her enough!!

A.R. Dublin

“I was tired, fed up and in permanent brain fog for almost a year before I sought help from Ashleigh. Within a very short while, I saw improvements in mood, energy, focus and confidence. As I wasn’t suitable for HRT, I thought I’d simply have to tolerate the hot flushes and night sweats and I can’t believe how quickly these have eased. Honestly, just get in touch with her – you won’t regret it.”

M.F. Wexford

“I had slipped into bad habits – poor diet, no exercise and then the menopause meant I was feeling pretty crap when I started one of Ashleigh’s Health Matters programmes. Within a short while though, I began to make changes, real life changes that could be continued for the long term. My energy, mood and motivation is so much better already because I’m seeing the results I want. Like Ashleigh says, I’m getting my Mojo back on track and recommend Ashleigh to help you do the same.”

A.N. Galway

“The workshop was brilliant – a perfect blend of motivation and reality. I learned loads and have already put some of the actions into place. Thank you for a great day – highly recommended.”

P.B. Wicklow

“My wife is delighted with the results I’m getting with Ashleigh. She genuinely has noticed a huge improvement in my mood and energy levels since I started one of Ashleigh’s programmes. I’m feeling much less stressed and my energy levels are much better – as a result, I’m in much better form and interested in doing stuff with the kids again.”

E.H. Dublin

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