Sometimes a decision is easy…it’s what you want, it makes you feel good, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. And then there are other times!

Sometimes making a decision is tough; when what you want competes with what you desire or have a longing for. When the reasons why you’ll fail go around in your head like an endless carousel: you’ll never manage it; there’s no point, you’ll fail; you’ll never last; you can’t seriously believe you’ll be able to do that, etc, etc. Some decisions are tougher.

The tough decisions may not be easy to make but these are the ones that can change your path forever and that can be terrifying. I smoked cigarettes many many years ago and true to form; when I do something, I do it a lot! So I smoked a lot! Two packets a day during the week and more at the weekend. Clients of my natural health clinic are always shocked when I tell them. That was in another life I led a long time ago. A life in which I though that smoking that much was sort of okay because I liked it. I was addicted. I also liked drinking diet coke.. a lot. So I get it when clients struggle to give something up and begin a new path. It can be hard to believe it’s possible and I know that it is.

And it takes a decision; one that won’t necessarily give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside to begin. The pull of the old will call and tempt and can seem impossible to resist. But I found a way once and therefore a way is possible.

What if the decision is made even if it’s not easy? What if the choice is made to take a different path? A path of beauty rather than destruction? What if you could understand that just because the old path calls, it doesn’t mean it will win. Believe me, the calls become fainter as you move further along.

It took me a full year to feel as though I was ‘off’ cigarettes but for several years, I’d still get the odd twinge of desire for them. I knew that I’d never smoke again because I also knew that if I even had one drag of a cigarette I’d be addicted again. Back off my path of beauty and onto the path of despair.  I knew then that life’s too important to allow my addictions get in the way of my wants.

So if you’re struggling to make a tough decision, take a look to see if it’s you who’s in charge of your life or if some old habit is setting the course your path takes. Then see if you’re okay with that. xx