I was filling out the census form recently (I’m based in Ireland) and right at the end of the form, on the very last page, I spotted a new section entitled Time Capsule. It was such a simple, yet brilliant idea! An invitation to jot down a few words for future generations to read.

A hundred years from now (in 2121), when the 2022 census forms are released to the public, all the regular census information AND our Time Capsule messages will be there for all to see. And there was a huge level of interest apparently, with many of us including messages of hope, words of wisdom, silly jokes, simple advice and much more, for our great grandchildren to see. You can check it out here: https://www.census.ie/census-2022/time-capsule/


What the future might hold…

Such a simple, great idea got me thinking about the future and what it might hold. What will the world look like a hundred years from now? What will life be like for my great-grandchildren?

I struggle to think that far ahead in time (will ordinary people do space travel by then?). Maybe you’re the same? Time itself is hard for me to grasp but I can make it more tangible when I try to consider people in the future instead.

For example, it’s easier for me to think about my own daughter and imagine how life may unfold for her.  What will her life be like, twenty, thirty or fifty years from now? Will she be happy? What do I wish for her? Where will she be in the world? What do I hope she truly ‘knows’? Especially long after I’m gone.


What do you wish your son or daughter knew by 21?

Or by the time he / she is 35? Or maybe 52? Or even 65? (in other words, after you’re gone?)

Take a moment to consider this now – what popped into your mind instantly? What do you really hope he / she ‘knows’?

  • How to be quietly confident
  • Or that she has bad-ass boundaries
  • The importance of being kind to himself, as well as others
  • Fill in the blank here…


And what about you? What do you wish you knew?

Yes, you! What do you wish you knew? Or had gotten on top of? Or had all figured out?

Maybe you don’t know! Maybe you’re thinking I’ve asked an impossible thing?

It’s a funny thing – when I ask mothers what they want their son or daughter to know for sure… something magical happens. They sort of shift inside, go quiet and often sigh… and then tell me their wishes, hopes and dreams. And they’re rarely about material stuff and more often about the sort of person they hope their son or daughter will be.

Let me tell you a secret – the dreams and hopes you have for your child are probably also true for you. And often, are just as possible. Isn’t that just magical?

Go make your dreams come true,

Ashleigh Xxx

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