Turn Up For Thirty

Are you the person…

…others know they can depend on? Because when you promise to deliver, it’s as though it’s already happened? That’s who you are in the world and others know it. Your words match your actions because you don’t like to let others down, ever.

You turn up for others – but sometimes slip up when it comes to the promises you make to yourself. And that annoys you, because it’s not how you want to be in the world but you’re not sure how to get over this habit of self-sabotage or the lack of self-care.

You’ve managed it before, for short bursts, and feel great when you do, because it helps you feel authentic and real. And it bothers you when your behaviours don’t consistently match your values, especially around your daily habits and the internal dialogue you have with yourself.

It’s Time!

It’s time to turn up for yourself in the way you do for others. It’s time to align your values with how you turn up for yourself in the world every day. It’s time to turn up for thirty for YOU!

About the Programme

Turn Up for Thirty is my seven-week, online programme designed to help you turn up for yourself every day to get your health and habits back on track!

Using my simple, straight-talking Kindness and Kick Ass methods, you will learn how to put yourself back in charge of your head game and your life.

Clients who have completed this programme learn how to:

  • Stop falling into the old habits of over-committing and over-giving
  • Interrupt the self-sabotage behaviours that keep them stuck
  • Put routines in place to keep themselves on track
  • Be in charge of their own physical and emotional wellbeing

So that they can:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed, busy and depleted all the time
  • Start feeling more authentic and aligned every day
  • Stop feeling powerless around the decisions they make
  • Feel better about themselves, physically and in their own head
  • Be kind to themselves, in their thoughts and their actions


In Brief, you will get:

  • Six one-hour group calls, recorded so you can access them later or if you can’t make the live call
  • Seven additional videos with tips, tools and techniques to help you stay on track
  • Access to my audio recordings on your phone – tools for on the go to help you come down out of your head and into Now
  • Access to the WhatsApp group, where you will get support and encouragement, especially useful on the tough days

In more detail…

Over the course of seven weeks, the programme will go live. Members can begin to introduce themselves in the private WhatsApp group and will meet each other on the first call a few days later. There will be no more than six women in the group to ensure individual attention. Everything that happens in the group stays there.

A couple of days after it’s gone live, I’ll host the first of six group video calls to support and encourage you to get back on track and stay there. These calls will be where we dig deeper into the ‘Head Hacks’ that make it easier to get yourself and your behaviours back on track. The calls happen during Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 of the programme.

This programme isn’t magic – I’m clear about that. Signing up won’t make all your problems go away or mean there’s no follow-through required by you. But this programme does deliver magic in terms of the results in your life, once you turn up and participate fully in the programme.

The programme has always happened online, meaning you can be in PJs and slippers and still ‘be’ there, involved in the call, free to ask questions and learn. If you miss a group call, it will be available to watch later (or to watch again and again if useful for you).

The tech side is easy – I send you a Zoom link – you click it – the group call starts. Nothing else needed at the calls, apart from a pen and paper and YOU!

Don’t delay!

This programme will give you the support, accountability, encouragement and help to finally move from overwhelm and disappointment, to calm, empowered and on track for how you want to be in the world.  Places are limited so don’t miss out!


Start Now

Is this you? Your life is busy, which is why you’ve been ignoring things but you know you need to take action now. It’s time to make what’s important to you in theory, translate into important every day – the health that can’t be bought, the relationships that matter and a life that’s aligned with your true values.


Action always beats intention.
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