Majella (not her real name) was in trouble. For the first time ever, her confidence in her own competence seemed to be in doubt and it was unnerving! Her role in senior management was full throttle and she’d always liked it that way, but lately, she was doing something she’d never done before – she was doubting and second guessing herself all the time.

“I have no idea where this has come from. I find myself going over things in my head, wondering if I made the right call and it sometimes keeps me awake at night. It’s awful. And it’s not me, so why is it happening now?”

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working from home?

“Is it the thoughts of returning to the office? Or because I’m worried that I’m just not as good as I was before Covid? I don’t know but something has to change”

Majella had reached out for coaching around her “imposter thinking behaviours” but at our first consultation, I wanted to find out more about the big picture in her life these days. We  know that plants need certain environmental conditions to thrive, yet often neglect our own ‘ecology’ when we want to do the same.

The past two years have been tough on everyone. And because humans are incredible, we adapt and adjust to survive. But to thrive, some recalibration might be required post Covid-19.


When’s the last time you did a personal review?

What do I mean? When’s the last time you’ve dedicated time to Review and Upgrade You?

As working professionals, we regularly take the time to review and update our work goals and give them the upgrade required.

But when did you last review how you’re doing – at a physical, emotional and contentment level?

How is your MOJO*?

M – Motivation for your personal desires (you always deliver for work but what about for you?)

O – Optimism around your dreams and personal goals (remember them?)

J – Joy and contentment in your everyday (that lovely deep-down happy feeling)

O – Original YOU that often gets lost along the way (remember your inner warrior?)

“I’m so relieved. I thought I was losing my edge”

Over the course of my 12-week programme, Majella did what great leaders do – she took time for the important, not just the urgent.

We developed a simple plan to help address the perimenopausal symptoms she’d been tolerating so that better sleep and more energy became possible. She put clearer personal boundaries in place for a better work/life balance. She examined the values that matter deeply to her and began planning ways that they got time, energy, and space in her life again.

“I’d become so buried in work that I lost my perspective – about how important it is to me but also, how important I am to it too. This work has given me my clarity and my confidence back again.”

If any of this sounds familiar and you know it might be good to change your ecology so that you can thrive, rather than survive, get in touch to find out how you can make it happen.