It’s easy for it to happen, isn’t it? It starts with that one lovely, relaxing glass of wine which tells you it’s time to unwind. The day is over and now it’s time to chill – the rest of the evening is yours after a busy, task filled day! And when you’ve drained the glass, perhaps your troubles seem further away and it’s a little easier to let go – of the worries and cares of the day that’s been.

And then Christmas occurs (or several months of lockdown) and you find yourself thinking about having that glass at 6pm, rather than 8pm, or on a Wednesday night as well as at the weekend.

Well, we’ve all been through a lot so what’s a girl to do!


And you know you could stop anytime…

It’s just that anytime needs to be next week, or another time, just not now. And it makes you wonder, (but you couldn’t say it out loud): ‘Am I drinking too much lately?’ but you know that’s not true, not really for sure.

But you’d have to lie when your doctor asks about the number of units you drink each week…but doesn’t everyone? So, you push the thought away because it’s not like you’re an alcoholic or anything. You’re still on top of your game, both at home and at work, and if your sleep was better, you’d feel clearer in your head and your energy would improve. It’s nothing to do with the self-medication with wine.

We’ve all been through a shedload of troubles in the last 22 months and women have been amazing – at being there for others, at going the extra mile, at keeping the family talking and at helping in so many ways.


And it takes its toll…

In low levels of anxiety, in a busy mind, in wakeful worrying and in debilitating exhaustion. And it’s no wonder we look for comfort in online shopping, food, or alcohol.

But alcohol is a drug. And addictive. And some of us are more susceptible to its effect than others. If you’re wondering if you’re drinking too much, the chances are, you are. There are so many tools available to help you change your relationship with alcohol. And they really work. If we’re lucky, we grow tired of the endless broken promises that we’ll start self-care soon, and we take action to make it so.

If you’d like help to change your relationship with alcohol, reach out to chat and find out more here.

Ashleigh Xxx