A little bird told me and so I thought I’d pass it on:

If you’re anxious – that thing you’re fretting about, is probably not that serious…

Yet, ordinary, little things can be beautiful and important so pay attention to them.


Pay attention to the detail in the ordinary – it’s beautiful.


Good decisions are rarely made in a hurry…

But Great decisions can be made in an instant.

Nature lifts the spirits, even in its simplest form.

So walk in the woods, notice the hedgerows, look up at the morning sky, fill the bird feeders and go gather conkers.


Notice where you walk…


There’s no point debating with anxiety … that’s not how you beat it.

We’re not responsible for everything, especially when it feels like we are.


We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Filling up is simple but does require us to stop awhile…


Filling Up – drop by drop

That little bird is very clever. Xx