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Far too young to feel this old?

You’re in your 40’s or 50’s, and used to have the energy, drive and motivation to take on the world. These days, though, you’re tired and pretty low on reserves of zest, sparkle and fun. You wonder if it’s perimenopause or menopause that has you feeling this way but maybe you’ve got the coil in place so aren’t really sure.

But something’s going on, that’s for sure because your bloods are normal and the supplements don’t work. You’re running out of patience, optimism and joy. And it can’t be normal to feel like you’ve been run over by a bus most mornings. What you’d give for a good night’s sleep and to feel like You again.


Between low energy, poor motivation, brain fog, and moods that change in an instant, you wonder where the feisty, fun-loving You has gone and if you’ll ever find her again. 

My Three Most Popular Options:

Power through Perimenopause

Get your hormones, habits and health back on track so you can feel fabulous in your 40s.



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Menopause Matters

Get rid of hot flushes, night sweats, and brain fog to get your confidence (and your life) back.



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Get Your MOJO* Back on Track

Find Your Energy, Drive and Inner Spark Again – You’re far too young to feel this old!



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Who am I?


I’m Ashleigh, a hormone health and life coach for women like you, who are running on low, aren’t sleeping and have lost that inner glow. Between juggling family, work, and dealing with brain fog as well as hormonal night sweats, and motivation levels on the floor, you’re just not coping as well lately. Something’s got to change because you’re fed up feeling this way.

I can help you improve symptoms, have more energy, motivation, and hormonal balance so you can feel like your original fun-loving self again.

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The women I work with:


My clients are usually women in their 40’s or 50’s, often professionals, working in a managerial or leadership role in an organisation or in their own business. They deliver, both at work and in the world, because they have high standards, work hard and care deeply about the people they love and the work they do.

Recently though, they’re tired and not really up for as much. At work, brain fog and fatigue leaves them at max bandwidth more often and it’s just not okay. So they try harder and write lists in the hope it helps them remember, but it’s hard not to worry if they’re losing their edge.

And at home, they’re grumpy, or fed up, or feeling sorry for themselves that no one seems to see how much they do or how tired they really are. But they feel guilty taking time for themselves and pi**ed off that their other half seems to do it with ease. And resentment builds and a disappeared libido means that intimacy is almost gone.

Maybe it’s perimenopause or menopause that has them feeling this way – sometimes it’s obvious with hot flushes or night sweats happening every day. Some will have tried supplements or maybe HRT. Others don’t want to go there, or can’t because of their medical history and don’t know where to turn. And their bloods show up normal, so seriously, what the hell!


Where do I come in?


I help them get back their energy, drive and zest. So they feel like themselves again, with motivation and self-drive. Sleep and energy are usually tackled first (let’s face it, no one performs well without these) along with any symptoms of a hormonal kind.

Using effective, non hormonal remedies tailored specifically to each client, they see a return of their drive, motivation and hope. We address boundaries and self care because these superheroes always help hugely.

“Working with Ashleigh on her Power through Perimenopause programme saved my mental health, my marriage and my career. Her kind, no-nonsense approach helped me realise that things had got to change. I feel sooo much better these days”

P.M. Wicklow

When clients have better sleep and more energy, it’s easier for them to see what needs to be done. Self care, such as a return to yoga, walking or running brings massive improvements in mood and wellbeing. Issues such as midline weight gain can be taken on and won.

At work, confidence returns when their thinking becomes clear again and memory improves. It becomes easier to lead at meetings and deliver at the top of the room when hot flushes are a thing of the past.

Clients see improvements regardless of ‘age and stage’ – many clients avail of my services even though they’re already on HRT, while others prefer a more natural approach or are unsuitable for HRT for medical reasons. There’s a solution for every one of these women so they feel like themselves again.

Ready to feel like yourself again? There are several ways we can do that…




Get Your MOJO* Back on Track


Wondering where your energy, motivation, and sense of fun are hiding these days? Once, you could take on the world  – but lately, you’re either too tired to care or too busy to try. Find your way back to the original You, with the energy, contentment and motivation you desire.


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Power through Perimenopause


You’re in your 40s and struggling with midline weight gain, mood swings, poor motivation, low energy, and you haven’t had a great night’s sleep in ages! Using a one-to-one programme which includes non-hormonal, natural remedies, you’ll see improvements in energy, symptoms and much more.


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Menopause Matters


You’re in your 50s and want to get your hot flushes, low libido, weight gain and other menopausal symptoms under control. HRT isn’t for you or isn’t giving you the relief you expected and you want more. On this one-to-one programme which includes non-hormonal, natural remedies, you can!


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Have non hormonal health issues or want to find out more?


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What clients say:


“I have worked with Ashleigh in a professional and personal capacity over the past 18 months. Ashleigh’s work is incredible; she created a bespoke program for SOLAS staff on mental health and well-being, which received fantastic feedback. I now personally use Ashleigh’s services to ensure I am at my best self for both work and life and I would highly recommend Ashleigh from both perspectives.”


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